Something is dreadfully wrong. Fear is in the air; I can feel it. I was but days out of Tristram when I saw a screaming ball of flame rip across the sky. Surely enough, soon after witnessing this harbinger of doom, I stumbled upon a badly mangled traveler. He was barely able to spit out the tale of the cursed monstrosity responsible for his broken body as his life drifted away. He called his killer "the unburied".
  世上有種可怕的存在。 我有所感覺,恐懼瀰漫在空氣中。 直到有一天,我看到一團呼嘯的火焰,劃破崔斯特瑞姆的長空。 在確認見證了這次厄運的預兆之後,我遇到了一個嚴重受傷的旅行者。 他奄奄一息,僅僅能夠告訴我有關他那殘缺的肢體的故事。 那個該為這慘劇負責的畸形怪叫做『掘墳怪』。

Months ago, when I wrote of the undead blight upon our land, I thought them the gravest of threats. But they are nothing compared to the new undead creature described to me by this poor fellow.
  數月以前,當我描繪骷髏蠶食我們的大陸的情景時,我覺得他們是最嚴重的威脅。 然而,根據這個可憐的旅行者所說,顯然骷髏遠遠無法與這種新出現的不死生物相比。

He was a law officer of sorts, a local guard out looking into the depraved handiwork of a crazed individual, the sort we seem to be seeing more and more of in these dark days. When the guard happened upon a mass grave dug by this sick fool, a massive, horned, disgusting behemoth was digging itself out. The dying traveler described this loathsome beast – or, as he termed it, the unburied – as being comprised of bloated parts from many fetid, rotting corpses, with a multitude of disfigured heads and slobbering fanged mouths. He was fortunate that day, but when he returned with several men to help him deal with the creature, they found to their horror that the undead spawn was too much for even their combined efforts. They fought valiantly to the last man, sacrificing themselves to keep the beast from rampaging across the countryside and taking who knows how many innocent lives. He was the last survivor, and before he passed on, he proudly told me that they were successful in eradicating the foul unburied creature.
  他曾經是一個地方官,一個本地的守衛。 他在外出尋寶,那種這些黑暗的日子以來不斷被發現的東西。 當這個守衛在一個大型墳墓上挖掘的時候,一個巨大、長滿觸角且令人作嘔的怪獸從裡面鑽了出來。 垂死的旅行者描述這個噁心的怪獸-- 或者,被他叫做掘墳怪的生物-- 它那腫脹的身體由很多惡臭腐朽的屍體組成。 它的身上長了好多醜陋的頭部,嘴里長滿尖牙,還流著口水。 那天那個旅行者很幸運,但是當一群人趕來幫助他對抗那個生物的時候,他們驚愕地發現這種怪物的勢力已經蔓延太大,以至於他們眾人合力也無法擊潰。 為瞭解救那個旅行者,他們與怪物進行了英勇的戰鬥。 他們壯烈犧牲,最終阻止了怪物繼續衝進村莊殘害無辜。 那個旅行者是最後一個倖存者。 他驕傲地告訴我,他們成功地消滅了那個噁心的掘墳怪。 說完他就死了。

Being born out of pits of human misery, these beings feed on human suffering. Wherever bodies are dumped together unceremoniously, the unburied may rise. I cannot help but wonder if this be some sort of cosmic justice for our inhumanity to our fellow man. But what is the catalyst? What animates these things? What makes them so horrendously different from the run-of-the-mill zombies or "normal" skeletal undead?
  因人之痛楚而生,以人之怨念為食。 凡屍體隨意埋葬的地方,掘墳怪就會出現。我不得不懷疑,這是否是上天對我們的懲罰,是對我們同類相殘的一種審判。 但是促成這些的原因是什麼? 是什麼促進了這些事情? 為什麼這種生物帶來的恐懼與一般的殭屍和骷髏完全不同?

Some days I truly feel that the end of humanity must be at hand. Certainly our world is home to assorted disturbing and unsettling creatures, but every dawn seems to bring news of more wretchedness we must endure as a people. The darkness is coming, my friends: mark my words.
  有些日子我真切地感受到,人類的滅絕即將來臨。 顯然我們的世界本來就充滿令人煩躁不安的生物,但是作為人類,看來我們必須忍受伴隨著每個黎明出現的更多悲慘的消息。 記住我的話:朋友,黑暗正在降臨。

"Being born out of pits of human misery, these beings feed on human suffering. Wherever bodies are dumped together unceremoniously, the unburied may rise."

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